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Austria − A Great Place To Live

I love living in Austria and feel privileged to be able to do so. I love the people, the scenery, the healthcare system and most of all the feeling of safety − which none of us should take for granted. lt doesn´t matter ... [more]

I am in England at the moment and, in my opinion, there is really only ONE positive thing about Brexit and that is that the newspapers always have something to write about. lt doesn´t matter which one you buy ... [more]
Fight Poverty

Ask Americans whether they want to spend taxpayer money to educate girls abroad, and 80 percent say yes. Do they want to give food and medical assistance in poor countries ? Eighty four percent do. Prevent and treat ... [more]
Solar Lamps

Fighting climate change and poverty simultaneously is the speciality of "green energy against poverty" (greenap), a German NGO based in Bonn. New projects are launched now in poor regions of India on ... [more]

From a report on the dreamlike country of Austria to difficult Brexit negotiations to the use of solar lamps in India.

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